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01/14/13 - A Simple Mock Choucroute

Christmas 2012 was a choucroute year, and as it turned out we had an extra jar of sauerkraut sitting around in the refrigerator. We also had a few extra german and polish sausages from Sunrise Meats in the freezer. So, we decided to throw in a bottle of dark beer and make a simple choucroute.

At its simplest, a choucroute is just a hot dog with sauerkraut, but there are refinements. For example, we boiled the sausages in beer and we boiled the sauerkraut in beer. We put the kraut and sausages in a glass oven dish, topped it with a d'Artagnan smoked duck breast and baked it for a half hour to render some of the duck fat.

It was pretty good. In retrospect, we should have added a few juniper berries, but overall, the dish was a success.

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