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12/10/12 - Our 1,000th Web Site Posting

We first registered kaleberg.com back in 1996. That's sixteen years ago. We created the original Kaleberg web site as a place for our restaurant reviews, humorous essays, travel pictures, software and the like. Around 2004, we shifted from a simple web page layout to a more blog like format with dated entries. Since then, we've posted a total of 1,000 such entries. That's a lot of entries.

In honor of the occasion, we're highlighting a link to an old version of our home page. It's the oldest one we still have around. We think it's from the late 90s based on its contents. To the right is an old version of the Kaleberg logo, from back when animated GIFs were a big thing on the web. They fell out of fashion, and we moved with the times. Apparently, they've been coming back in style, so enjoy an exciting Kaleberg action sequence and help celebrate our 1,000 web log posting.

The old Kaleberg logo - The Titanic hitting a Kaleberg

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