<< Tatio Geysers (Part 2 - Around the Thermal Basin)

04/08/12 - Tatio Geysers (Part 3 - More Stuff)

We could go on and on about the geysers. In fact, we do, but this was a most amazing hike and we need some kind of copy to justify all the pictures.

Our walk took us past a rocky area where we saw little chinchilla-like creatures called viscachas racing about among the rocks. We even managed to catch one in a moment of repose. There were also vicunas wandering about the thermal field. As we said earlier, there was always something interesting.

Then we reached the swimming hole, a naturally heated pool where we found the only other group visiting besides that one other car we had passed earlier. It was a French speaking family from Belgium in a little camper with a bicycle rack built in to the back.

Finally, we climbed a bit, but at 15,000 feet, any climbing is exhausting. We made it to the visitor center, a nicely appointed facility kept in excellent shape by the hard working staff. We took over their kitchen. Jorge convinced them somehow. Because it was Good Friday, Jorge could not eat red meat, but the senora in the kitchen had prepared a wonderful chicken stew. She generously offered us some, and we even got to try the senora's wonderful garden fava beans, but most of our lunch was provided by Awasi, and were we hungry. Enjoy the high speed photo we managed to snap before all the food disappeared.

Vicunas on the thermal field

A viscacha

A hot river

This is one of the geysers feeding hot water into the swimming hole

Another geyser near the swimming hole

Yet another - you guessed it - geyser

One of the big blue pools

Another geyser

This was a really pretty pool. It looks a lot like a Roman bath.

Our lunch with prosciutto, blue cheese, roast beef, and the like. Now, strictly an internal matter.

The charming visitor center

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