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03/31/12 - Valparaiso - Part 1

We took a tour of Valpairiso, Santiago's port city, and it was just as well because Santiago was very hot and humid while Valpairiso, on the sea, was cool and even a bit foggy. It's an old city and the center of Chile's naval power. It's also a working port with cargo ships, cruise ships, naval ships and pleasure ships all using the port. We explored the city and the steep streets leading up the hills that surround the harbor. There were spectacular views and wonderful old buildings in pastel colors. There were also terrifying funiculars which ran up and down the side of the hills. We were offered a ride but declined.

Wine country, en route to the sea.

An old Victorian building

One of the many views

Another view of the working port

The naval museum, the exhibit on the war with Bolivia and Peru in 1879

Up the steepy mountain

That's a Chilean palm

Yet another view

One of the promenades

One of the many city dogs, fast asleep

Inside one of the hotels

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