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03/29/12 - Lago Grey - Part 3

To make a long story short, the boat took us to the face of the glacier that is feeding Lago Grey. We passed among the icebergs and sailed close to the wall of ice. The ice was blue, a bright, almost unreal, blue. There isn't a whole lot to say other than that this was one amazing hike.

P.S. The boat took us into a mysterious cove alongside a gravel beach which was an adventure in and of itself, but it pales beside our encounter with the ice.

The wall of ice

Close up

More ice

Even more ice

Guess what

Some parts of the glacier are more crumpled than other parts.

The rocks glistened

More glistening rocks and ice - sort of the theme of this post

More crumpled ice

More glistening rock walls

A rainbow at our parting

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