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07/07/11 - A Walk Down The Elwha To Lake Aldwell

This was just a little walk, maybe a mile or so, from the parking lot just east of where route 101 crosses the Elwha River down to what is left of Lake Aldwell. It isn't a well maintained trail, but it has long been used by picnickers and fishermen. It follows the land up and down along the Elwha River and then leads down to one of the flats at the north end of the draining lake. You can really see the power of the river. It isn't even tempting to wade in that rush of water. Still, with the dams coming down, it will be interesting to see how the changes along the Elwha shores.

The river and some driftwood

The south end of Lake Aldwell

The Elwha

Another view of the Elwha

A typical stretch of trail on a sunny day

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