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02/08/11 - Dungeness Spit Detour

We've been having some good tides at the Dungeness Spit lately, so we decided to take a stroll by the sea. To our dismay, we were greeted by an orange mesh and signs indicating that the trail was closed. Luckily, the bridle path is still open, so we took a detour. The horse trail is a bit longer than the usual, but we were well rewarded. We got to see the first Indian plum blossoms of the year, our first sign of spring.

The beach was fairly good walking. There were lots of rocks, but also a fair bit of firm wet sand. There weren't a lot of those strips and piles of loose stones that are nearly impossible to walk on. Despite this, we didn't get all that far, probably because we are lazy. Still, the sea, the sand and the sky were worth the walk. Eventually we'll get back to the lighthouse, but we are in no hurry. There are still lots of good tides ahead of us.

Welcome to the spit!

The first sign of spring

The bridle path is more open than the usual trail this time of year.

The spit, looking north

The spit, looking back

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