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11/30/10 - The Kaleberg Christmas Trees Have Arrived

For most people Black Friday is about getting great deals on electronic gadgets and housewares, but for us Kalebergs, the Friday after Thanksgiving is about choosing our Christmas trees. It isn't that we enjoy getting great deals so much as we like big Christmas trees, and our local tree suppliers only get so many big trees. If we wait a day or two, they are all sold, and we have to do experimental tree surgery and create Franken-trees and the like. So, every year, the day after Thanksgiving finds us at the tree yards and nurseries looking for the biggest trees we can get.

This year, we found a great nine footer for the living room and an elegant six footer for the cookie tree. They've already been delivered. We Kalebergs just aren't great tree wranglers. Now comes the real work, the lights, the ornaments, and the cookies. If you thought you had lots and lots of time before Christmas, it is time to think again. The season is upon us.

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