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11/03/10 - Lanai - Some History

Our first visit to Lanai started the same day Castle & Cooke, the island's owners, announced that they were getting out of the pineapple business. The island had been a big pineapple plantation since the 1920s, but in the early 1990s they decided it was cheaper to grow pineapples in the Phillippines. The new plan for the island was as a resort with two hotels, one in the highlands and one by the sea.

All this land used to be pineapple fields. No irrigation means no pineapples.

That's Halelanai on a clear day.

That row of trees along the road is irrigated.

A modern view of the Manele Bay hotel, from the keiki (children's) pool

A view out to sea

A view of the hotel from our first trip

Some of the pineapple fields just before the last harvest

Pineapple fields from the November 1930 issue of Fortune

Fortune's view of Lanai City - It hasn't changed all that much.

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