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05/19/10 - Another Market Update

While the farmers' market is mainly about local produce, it is also about regional food and crafts. The Elwha Apiary people are there with their honey, and this time they brought one of their combs, sort of a factory tour. The Salish Sea Cheese people, who sell a variety of cheeses from the region, had a stand and were selling cheeses from the Pleasant Mountain Dairy. Tuna Dan, who sells all sorts of seafood including salmon and halibut, had long lines at his stand. He has great fish at great prices. Wild West Seafood is a bit more expensive, but sells the kind of fish you get in fancy Seattle restaurants. Now if we only had a great seafood restaurant out here on the Peninsula.

The open market - The Family Farm and Wild West Seafood

The Elwha Apiary folks brought in some of their little friends.

Salish Sea Cheeses presents some cheese from the Pleasant Mountain Dairy.

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