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12/04/09 - Christmas Trees

We started checking for Christmas trees before Thanksgiving. We have a nine and a half foot high ceiling in our living room, so we need to get a tall one. The local Christmas tree places don't order very many trees that tall, so we have to start early and move quickly. Our big competitor seems to be Wilder Honda, but we are hot on their heels. (That's what we get for living in a converted auto showroom.)

Behold, this year's monster. It has an industrial grade stand, forged in Mordor as part of the post-ring orc industry for peace program. We've decked it out with lights. That took a two stage power distribution system with a sub-terminal located about 2/3 of the way up the tree to power the upper strands of LEDs and conventional lights. We needed that ladder to get the spire and upper ornaments in place.

As noted, our tree is a work in progress. We'll keep you posted on our website.

Work in progress

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