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09/16/09 - Ruby Beach

Ruby Beach is perhaps a two hour drive from Port Angeles. We haven't been there in fifteen years. For some reason, Second Beach and Rialto Beach, which are closer, keep getting in the way. A few days ago we set out to remedy this and visited Ruby Beach again. It was a gray day, as so many are around here, but the beach was as beautiful as ever. It gets its name from the garnet in the sand there.

Ruby Beach isn't the longest beach in the area. We spent about half an hour exploring. Still, it is one of the gems of Olympic National Park.

The view from the trail down to the beach

The river and seastacks

The view south

The forest meets the sea

The view north

Wild seastacks and driftwood

Abbey Island with its light house

The rain forest

A sunnier view of the scene

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