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09/09/09 - Deer Park

We finally made it out to Deer Park after having spent years in terror of the drive. We frequently take the twisty road up to Whiskey Bend and zip along Obstruction Point Road with its vertiginous drop offs. Unfortunately, our guide book provided Deer Park Road with a much more dire description. It was a bit off the mark. Deer Park Road is no worse than the road to Whiskey Bend. It is unpaved, one and a half lanes wide, twisty and has poor visibility, but it is quite passable. We now know.

Unfortunately, we chose a rather drizzly day, so our vistas from Deer Park and Blue Mountain, which towers over the campground, were limited. Still, the clouds added drama, as did our worry about fog on the road back. A number of trails start from Deer Park. We explored the trail towards Slab Camp and the little nature walk, a half mile loop, to the summit of Blue Mountain. We only saw so much, but now we have to come back, and this time we won't be quite so worried about the drive.

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