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05/16/09 - Exploring Tacoma - Part 1

Downtown Tacoma is being rebuilt, and the repaving and reworking of Broadway is just part of it. Like many cities, the downtown has gone through cycles, and it is currently undergoing a rebirth. During the boom, it seems, that half of downtown was either renovated or torn down and rebuilt. There are still empty slots, empty store fronts, and lots of for rent, for sale and for lease signs. There are also all sorts of intriguing little shops opening, selling art work, antiques, clothing, books and who knows what else.

Even a short walk revealed a lot. Right now, there are all the signs of formation and re-formation. New Tacoma is an unfinished product, but the city has a lot going for it. There is the harbor, there is its newly rebuilt downtown with its museums and convention center, and there are the colleges and universities. It will be interesting to get back in a few years to see how things have developed.

Great old buildings in the theatre district

Lots of interesting shops

More of downtown

More shops

Mandarin antiques

The Rialto Theatre and one of many construction signs - Broadway is being rebuilt.

An apartment court - for rent

For rent, for lease - the signs of the times

Gasoline alley

This is either some restoration work, or a great deal on clothing.

There is still a working harbor.

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