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02/26/09 - Weather Radar Is Back

We out a brief email outage which was made all the more mysterious by a simultaneous weather radar outage. Instead of the usual green and yellow spatters of precipitation set against a gray and blue map of our area, we saw only a large overlay explaining that our local station, KATX, was out of service. We clicked the little legend for an update:
  • KATX will be down until further notice due to a mechanical failure of the radar.
  • Radar will be down until at least Thursday afternoon, Feb 26th, for repair. The mechanical failure for the radar is more extensive than previously thought ... and more parts are on order.
  • Radar will be down until Friday morning. New part has been installed. Radar needs to be calibrated during the daylight hours.
Our email recovered a bit before the radar came back on line. We assume that there was something going around.

Keywords: weather, science