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02/21/09 - Serendipity in Seattle

On our last trip to Seattle, we were a bit tight on time. We had climbed Queen Anne and had made it back to Seattle Center, but we had an appointment downtown, near the Nordstrom's. Could we get a taxi? That wasn't likely. We've had better luck with a street hail at Mosman Gorge in Queensland than in Seattle. What could we do?

Then we remembered the monorail. It's been around nearly 50 years, but it has such a limited route that one barely thinks of it as anything but a tourist attraction. But here we were, needing transportation, and that limited route would take us from where we were to where we wanted to go.

From here on, things went smoothly. The monorail was up and running. A train arrived as we stepped onto the platform, and in a few minutes we were on our way. We made our appointment with time to spare. That, and we got a glimpse of the future, like maybe 1975.

The train to tomorrow: That's the two cylinder Westin looming, another icon of the future.

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