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10/05/08 - First Snow on Hurricane Hill - Part 1

There was a dusting of snow in the hills the other night. When we woke up there was a fresh coat of snow on the mountains. We weren't sure if we could get up to Hurricane Hill, but we called 360 565 3131. They had the update from the previous afternoon. The webcam had been down since around 4:30 on Saturday. A little after nine we got the word. The road was open, so we set out for the high country.

We could see fresh snow on the distant hills, but we didn't see much by the road side until we were at the Hurricane Ridge parking lot. The trees were frosted, but the road was clear. We headed on to Hurricane Hill, and we were rewarded for our persistence. This had been a wet summer, so the alpine vegetation was lush and the grasses higher and fuller. There had been a profusion of flowers. In September, temperatures started to drop, and the autumn colors came in. There were the golds and reds and browns. Now, an early snow had come, and highlighted all this rich color.

Keywords: autumn, flowers, high country, hurricane hill