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08/27/08 - Hoh Rain Forest

We were out on the Hoh Rain Forest Trail the other day. The weather forecast was for a 30% chance of showers, but we should have known better given that we were heading off to a rain forest. Usually, the rain holds off, but this year we had the true rain forest experience, so we didn't quite get to Five Mile Island.

Still, we managed to get a ways up the river and found a spot to enjoy our bacon, lettuce, tomato and cucumber sandwiches. (We Kalebergs, like an army, travel on our stomach.) Some of the leaves are already starting to change color here and there. August is a little early, but this has been a cool, wet year. The trail was wet. The side streams feeding the Hoh were full. The river was misty. All told, it was a wondeful hike.

It was a misty, rainy day. What does one expect in a rain forest?

A close up of the little waterfall

The waterfall in the forest, just after the footbridge

The trail goes on.

The first autumn color

Yet another haunted grove

The Hoh

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