There are fields of phlox.

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06/28/08 - Hurricane Hill Road Is Open

We were up at Hurricane Ridge yesterday and had a pleasant surprise. Hurricane HIll Road is open. On our last visit, the road had been partially plowed, as far as the first picnic area, and was open for hikers. Now the road is open for traffic all the way to the Hurricane Hill trailhead.

Being lazy sorts, we decided to walk, rather than drive, so we set out from the lodge along the road. The snow is melting fast. The views are spectacular, as usual. The big show is the flowers. We have never seen so many and so many all at once. Already, there are lupines, phlox, glacier and avalanche lilies, indian paintbrush, yarrow, and a good many we don't know the names of. There were even mushrooms, which are not all that common a mile up. Clearly, the wet winter, with nearly twelve feet of snow, had something to do with this.

As it turned out, Friday was the first day the road was open. The Hurricane Hill trail is generally clear, though there was a big pile of snow near the start, and the rangers reported a fair bit of snow in that shady patch about a mile along. Next time, we aren't going to be so lazy. We are going to drive out to the trailhead and get to the top of Hurricane Hill. Wish us luck.

The air is scented with phlox.

Some early lupines

Glacier lilies

Drunkard's Corner: We noticed the wobbly line this time. Next time, we'll drive, but we'll stay sober.

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