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04/18/08 - Sauerkraut

This spring has been late in coming, so there has been a dearth of the usual spring vegetables. On the plus side, the local farmers still have a fair bit of cabbage. Cabbage is an old winter staple, so we at Kaleberg Laboratories decided that when life gives one cabbages, it is time to make sauerkraut.

A bit over two weeks ago we took two heads of cabbage and ran them through the slicing blade of our trusty Cuisinart. Then, we tossed in about six garlic cloves for extra flavor. We packed the cabbage into a 3 liter storage jar and made up a pickling mixture of about a quart of water, two tablespoons of kosher salt, a teaspoon of peppercorns, a tablespoon of coriander seeds, and a half cup of apple cider vinegar. We brought this to a boil, let it cool and poured it into the jar with the cabbage. We had to add a bit of tap water to cover all the cabbage, but then, all we did was let it brew out in the garage. It has been mighty cool out in the garage lately.

Now, we have a delicious glowing green mass of preserved cabbage, and it is delicious. The cabbage has gotten that sauerkraut crunch, and the coriander seeds are wonderful in it.

OK, maybe it isn't actually glowing.

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