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08/23/07 - Hurricane Hill Flowers

As we have noted before, this has been a wonderful year for the wildflowers in the high country. Hurricane Hill is still in full bloom. As you can see, there are even freshly blooming lupines, and, if you can believe it, mushrooms. The soil is usually so dry this time of year that most flowers are withered, but this year has been so moist that even the mushrooms are out. The corn lilies are out as well. They are on that side spur off the Hurricane Hill trail that heads down to the Elwha Ranger Station. There were also a couple of other flowers of note including the eerie looking "Japanese witches" we show here. They look like the three witches in Kurosawa's Throne of Blood, his retelling of Macbeth. Also looking somber were these other stalks, just coming into bloom. They look like traditional Victorian mourning colors. They'd be something in Paramatta silk.

Late season lupines

Actual mushrooms

Corn lilies in bloom

Japanese witches

Victorian mourning colors

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