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08/04/07 - Rover's Summer of 2007

Rover's, home of the chef in the hat, is as good as ever which means that it is quite spectacular. Among the high points:
  • smoked duck with a green olive tapenade
  • a ripe red tomato with bucheron goat cheese - It's tomato season people, hint, hint.
  • salmon with fava beans
  • soft shelled crab with mussels
  • lobster with corn kernels - Was this a tribute to the late Jean Louis Palladin?
  • lamb medallions with flageolet and a grilled onion
We aren't usually dessert people, but we have to mention the sublimely tart and creamy lime panna cotta and the crunchy napoleon-like bitter chocolate praline pastry. We've been big fans of Rover's for a while now as you can tell from our review. It is expensive, but Thierry Rautureau is a genius, and Rover's is one of those personal restaurants where a meal is like a performance rather than simple sustenance.

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