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05/13/07 - Cape Alava Update

We were just out at Cape Alava and took the 9+ mile loop from the Lake Ozette ranger station to Cape Alava, then down along the beach to Sand Point, and then back inland to the ranger station. We went at a 0.5 foot low tide, but even then, it wasn't easy going, especially with all the fallen trees along the northern part of the beach hike.

Ahlstrom's meadow was in bloom, the ocean lovely and mysterious, and this time, we found the mysterious petroglyphs. The last time we looked, even the ranger was stumped, but this time, there was a school group, and there were the petroglyphs, graven on the rocks. To find out more, and see our new panorama of the beach, read our Kaleberg Report on Cape Alava.

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