The Kaleberg Candle Lit Cookie Tree

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12/24/06 - Merry Christmas From The Kalebergs

We haven't been doing too many updates this month because we've been really busy, and a lot of that busy has been decorating the house with Christmas trees. That includes the candle tree to the left. We usually have a little candle tree that fits on this old television table that we have, but this year all of the little trees were too scraggly or too lean or too something or other, so we bought the smallest tree we could find that looked good enough to decorate with cookies and candles, and that is the monster to the left. If you move your mouse over it you can see how it looks with the candles lit and the lights out. It is awesome to behold, and silent. For some reason candles seem quieter than electric lights.

The Kaleberg Chrstmas Tree
Here is our big tree. That's a nine foot ceiling so you get the scope of the thing. We could barely lift it, and only our engineering training enabled us to bring it to a proper vertical. We've crammed it with lights, ornaments and presents, so it looks pretty full, but it could take more. This is a truly huge tree, perfect for this season of excess. We actually had to cut off a bit at the top to fit the finial on, so we're glad we rushed out to the nursery right around Thanksgiving to grab one of the giants.

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