Pfeiffer Big Sur and Garrapatta State Park

We took the Buzzard's Roost Trail at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, but it was a bit of a disappointment. We had considered doing the falls loop and perhaps the lookout, but at least one part of that trail was closed. Instead, we made our way under the highway, along the river, and up the hill. It was pretty enough, but not as special as Andrew Molera. Worse, as we approached the summit we were met with the sounds of chainsaws. A work crew was clearing a fire prevention path. They were nice enough folk, but a bit noisy, and the view was limited.

On our drive back, we decided to search for Garrapatta State Park. It was on all our maps, but we hadn't noticed any signs for it. Still, there was a suggestive parking lot and a trailhead, so we stopped. The only person present spoke French. The only sign indicated that there was a problem with invasive plants. It took some sleuthing, but we found our clue in the fourth paragraph of a long notice describing trail closings there was a mention of Garrapatta State Park. We had found it.

We crossed route 1 and explored the Soberanes headlands trail. The views were spectacular.

A nice enough trail, but nothing special


A banana slug

The view from the top

The view inland

Garrapatta headlands

A little beach

Rocks by the shore

A pacific view

Some seasonal color

Invasive Plants State Park