Maui - Uplands and Tedeschi Winery

It always fun to explore the uplands of Maui. We always make a few stops up near Kula and pay a call on the Tedeschi Winery. It is beautiful country, and unlike both the seacoast and the mountain slopes.

Tedeschi Winery is always a pleasant surprise. One rarely thinks of growing grapes in the tropics, but they do, and they turn them into surprisingly good wine. They also make wines from pineapples, but with Lanai out of the pineapple business, we're not sure of their source. This time, we tried some of their sparkling wines, one made from grapes and one from pineapples. They were quite good. We were pleasantly surprised.

A view from the road

You might even see our hotel down there.

Another view of the sea

The grounds at the winery

Tedeschi Winery