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10/09/09 - First Snow at Klahane Ridge

Winter has been creeping in for a while now. We ran into the first snow of the year on Klahane Ridge. It was a mere dusting, but it was a sign of the changing seasons. The air was brisk, and the views were as spectacular as ever. The flowers of the hanging gardens were dried to silver and gold. The summers are short in the high country, so we must make the most of these trails in their season.

Snow at the junction

The trail and silver

A view of Mount Olympus

Snow down towards Heather Park

Snow on the slopes

Snow on the trail

The fingers

Dried flowers

More hanging gardens

More dried flowers

Last paintbrush

Keywords: klahane ridge, winter

09/29/09 - First Snow at Hurricane Ridge

We checked the webcam at Hurricane Ridge this morning, and look, there's the first dusting of snow. The seasons are changing.

Webcam photo of the first snow at Hurricane Ridge

Keywords: hurricane ridge, winter

05/28/09 - The Trail To Lake Angeles

The trail to Lake Angeles is open and nearly snow free save for a few patches right near the lake. There is still ice on the lake, but it is melting rapidly, and the view up there is spectacular. The frogs were out and chirping loudly. Click here to hear them. We've never made it up to the lake this early before. Who knew what we were missing?

There is still a fair bit of snow on the mountains.

The ice is melting rapidly.

There are buds on the trees, but the scene is still wintry.

Melting snow at the campground

Another view of the mountains

A panorama of the lake

The trail is in great shape up to the lake and lined with trees like the aisle of a cathedral.

The creek is rising as the snow melts.

We love the mosses.

Our obligatory trillium photo, while the trilliums hold out

Keywords: lake angeles, winter, spring, trillium

03/13/09 - Barnes Creek Update - It's Still Winter

It is still winter on Barnes Creek. We took the trail down a ways, and it was less wintry than last time, but still wintry. On the other hand, there was wonderful light. The trail along Barnes Creek passes through some almost magical rain forest. The sun seemed to have a particular tone that brought out the rich greens and browns of the trees, ferns and salal.

Keywords: barnes creek, winter

03/11/09 - Late Winter On The Spruce Railroad Trail

It was wintry this morning on the Spruce Railroad Trail along the north shore of Lake Crescent. On the way out, the trail was crunchy and covered with ice crystals, but otherwise quite passable. There was some melting in the heat of the day, such as it was. The trail was a bit muddy on the way back.

Even better, there were some great icicles as you can see in two of these pictures. There was an amazing set dangling from a tree branch down towards the lake and another set on one of the logs over a stream. The trail might have been cold, but again, it did not disappoint.

Icicles down by the lake

Icicles over a stream

Not much snow on the trail

Keywords: lake crescent, spruce railroad, winter

03/08/09 - Seen At the Port Angeles Farmers' Market

We love the vegetables at the Port Angeles Farmers' Market. We're still in the winter, but, hey, they have cauliflower, and are supposed to be having more over the next few weeks.

Hey, cauliflower

Keywords: farmers' market, port angeles, winter

03/06/09 - Second Beach Update

We were back at Second Beach the other day. There weren't exactly signs of spring, but winter seems to be receding. To start with, there was a lot more sand around the entrance to the sea cave. There are still a lot of rocks, but the summer sand is coming in. Also, there were lots of starfish, hanging out on one of the rocks for the low tide.

As we said, not quite spring, but things are changing.

There was more sand around the entrance to the sea cave.

Keywords: second beach, spring, winter

03/01/09 - Snow At Dungeness Spit

We were out at Dungeness Spit the other day and couldn't help notice that the beach was sandy. Usually, in the winter, the sand gets washed out, and we have to walk on piles of rocks and pebbles which can get tiring very quickly. There's lots of sand there now, and also some snow. The snow is only in some shaded areas, largely the shaded northern faces of the bluffs. We've got a more good hiking days for the spit on March 2nd, 3rd and 4th, then some more good tides around the 11th. Check the tide report on the bar to the left or our Dungeness tides page.

There is sand on the beach. That makes for easier hiking. It's about 4 1/2 miles from the base of the spit to the lighthouse.

The bluffs (and mountains) with some snow

The spit with some snow

Keywords: dungeness spit, tides, winter

02/09/09 - Along The Morse Creek Trail

We saw a first sign of spring, a salmonberry blossom, along the Morse Creek Trail, which is what we call the Discovery Trail running west from the parking lot on Morse Creek. It isn't much, but this has been a hard winter, and we'll take what we can get.
We aren't sure what this is a sign of. That's a broccoli floret. There were a number of them along the trail. Did someone run out of breadcrumbs? We have no idea.

Keywords: morse creek, spring, winter, salmon

02/05/09 - Winter Beach

Second Beach is a winter beach, but there is still a lot to explore at low tide. The beach is broad and sandy, and there are even a few starfish in the tidepools. There is some rough going at the south end of the beach since so much sand has washed out for the season. Check our tide tables and look for a good mid-day low tide at Second Beach or Rialto Beach. (You can also see upcoming good tides in the left column of this web page).

The hole in the wall

Seastacks and a broad beach


Starfish are back.

More starfish

More seastacks

It is a rocky road to the cave entrance without sand.

Rough beach and seastacks

We don't know who has been making little leaf faces and leaving them on various trails, but hello again.

Keywords: rialto beach, second beach, tides, trails, winter

01/28/09 - Marymere Falls On Ice

We were at Marymere Falls for the first time in a while. The day was cold and there was snow on the ground. The waterfall was framed with ice as droplets of water splashed and froze as they hit the cold. Now and then a chunk of ice would break free, but otherwise all we could hear was the roar of the falls.

Keywords: lake crescent, winter, barnes creek, marymere falls, waterfall

01/17/09 - Kim Chi Pancakes and the Port Angeles Farmers Market

The winter isn't a great time for the Port Angeles Farmers' Market. It is still held every Saturday in the Clallam County Courthouse parking lot from 10AM to 2PM, but there are only a few farmers and venders there. The regulars include Westwind Farm, Dry Creek Farm, Tuna Dan and Nash Huber.

Harley at Dry Creek Farm says his hens are laying through the winter thanks to his new henhouse and the new breed of hens he has. He sold 100 dozen eggs in perhaps an hour this last Saturday, so come early. Also, in February, he will be selling stewing hens. He says the new lot is not quite as fatty, and the birds are a bit smaller, but we know that there is nothing quite like a good old stewing hen, braised for a winter dish.

A new regular at the market is the Korean kim chi and garlic lady. We haven't gotten her name yet, but she sells great big heads of garlic which seem to be much stronger than a lot of local garlic. She also sells jars of kim chi, Korean spicy pickled cabbage, and kim chi pancakes. We haven't tried the kim chi proper, but the pancakes are delicious. No, they aren't horribly spicy, but they have a nice light burn.

We don't expect a lot of action at the market this time of year. We've been enjoying the steelhead from Tuna Dan, and we've been rounding up the usual vegetables at Westwind and Nash Huber's. Things may be a bit slow, but the market is open, and it is still worth a trip.

Keywords: dry creek farm, farmers' market, nash huber, port angeles, winter, westwind farm, birds, garlic lady

12/17/08 - The Dungeness Dike Trail

We've been doing some shopping for our Christmas choucroute, and our errands took us down Towne Road, so we stopped to take a jog along the Dungeness Dike. There was a bit of snow, some brilliant sun, and some great scenery.

The trail was pretty clear.

One of the barns

A view of the mountains - Our apologies for the lens flare: it is unavoidable at this latitude.

Keywords: dungeness, winter

12/16/08 - Snowshoeing the Lake Angeles Trail

The snows are back, so we've been snowshoeing the Lake Angeles Trail. To be honest, there were only a few inches of snow on the trail. Most of the people we met on the trail were just wearing boots, but we are never could get the hang of boots, so we snowshoe. In any case, the scenery was spectacular.

The little bridge over the stream

A glimpse of blue sky

The wooden walkway

Keywords: lake angeles, winter, snowshoeing

11/23/08 - Snowshoe Season Is Here

There is not a whole lot of snow, but there is enough for us to strap on our snowshoes and tromp our way from the Hurricane Ridge parking lot to the Hurricane Hill Trail trailhead. The mountains were in a good mood today, and the scenery was spectacular.

Keywords: hurricane hill, hurricane ridge, winter

10/25/08 - Last Call For Klahane Ridge: This Time For Sure Rocky

We have had a magnificent year for Klahane Ridge. The late rains meant a great wild flower season, but now autumn is upon us. The shadows have grown longer, and the first snows have appeared. Soon, the trail will be closed for the winter. Still, we hope to be able to take one more climb this year, if only for another look at the fall foliage and the incredible views.

Long shadows and early snow

The mountains are ready for winter

More snow

Fall color

The end of the season

Brilliant fields

No longer lush, but still beautiful

Keywords: autumn, klahane ridge, winter

10/15/08 - Hurricane Hill Dusted

There was a dusting of snow up at Hurricane Hill on our last visit. This winter is starting slowly, so we've been able to watch it. Some years, winter waits, then delivers one big snow, and the mountains are covered with snow for the season. This time we are getting a bit of snow here and there, some autumn colors and slowly dropping temperatures.

Keywords: autumn, hurricane hill, winter

10/09/08 - First Snow at Lake Angeles

The Lake Angeles trail is one of our favorites. It climbs over 2400' passing from rain forest to alpine forest; it leads to an amazing mountain lake surrounded by fantastic ramparts of stone, and it is only about 10 minutes from our house. Every climb is different. Sometimes the trail is lined with trilliums. Sometimes it leads from rain and fog to brilliant sun. This time, it took us into the land of winter.

The skies were cloudy at the trailhead, and the trail was wet from recent rain, but the real treat started around 1700' above the parking lot. Here we saw the first dustings of snow. Most of the trail was clear, but here and there a patch of snow made it through a gap in the canopy. As we continued to climb, we could see the light snow. It would stick to trees and mosses but melt on rocks and the trail itself.

As we climbed, it grew colder, and the light snow became constant. We entered a wonderland of winter. Our traction was good and the weather well above freezing. The lake beckoned. We had to see what the snow was like around Lake Angeles proper. Somehow, we pressed on and were well rewarded for our efforts. Clouds hid the ramparts, but the white accent of snow made everything look magical. The little island seemed something of Arthurian legend.

Every climb is different.

Clouds hid the ramparts.

The mystic isle

An enchanted lake - Is that a hand with a sword?

More winter wonderland

Another view of the isle

Even a light dusting of snow makes the familiar seem different.

A simple shrubbery

The trail was clear.

Snow on the trail, but not very much

One of the rocky outcrops along the trail

Snow on the moss

Keywords: lake angeles, winter, trillium

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