The Kaleberg Journal - July 2019

07/03 - Klahane Ridge, Hurrah

To our amazement, we made it up Klahane RIdge on our first try this season. We needed to stop and rest a fair bit, but that just meant more time to enjoy the amazing view while catching one's breath. It was a perfect sunny day for a good long climb.

That's how steep it is.

The view from the ridge

More of that view

Still some snow on the north face

A bit of trail

The park service has been doing repairs.

Lush green by the trail

A pocket view

The umbrella forest not far from the trailhead

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07/02 - Klahane Ridge and More

Here are some more photos from our first climb up Klahane Ridge in 2019. The good news is that the alpine flowers are in bloom. The bad news is that there were goats still around. We met a ranger armed with a paint gun who went after them. Then, she had to race off to get to a meeting at headquarters on time. Being a ranger is a job. We walked down from the ridge in a more leisurely manner and took our time admiring the flowers.

The bowl to the north and the Strait of San Juan de Fuca

The goats heading towards the ridge

The goats scampering away after a warning paintball shot

Pasque flowers

Wall flowers

A green collage

Lingering phlox

Larkspur and wall flowers

Larkspur and paintbrush

Some lupines

An assemblage

A close up

Bog orchids by the stream near the trailhead

The little waterfall near the trailhead

A close up of some carnivorous plants

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The Kaleberg Journal - June 2019

06/30 - Day Trip to Seattle

We took a quick day trip to Seattle and made it home before dark. Granted, it stays light until ten o'clock this time of year. The Seattle waterfront has really changed. The viaduct is almost gone except for the piece that goes over the Marion Street walkway. Presumably, that section's days are numbered, and there will be all kinds of confusion while the ramp is closed for the demolition.

One last piece of the viaduct

The waterfront is almost unrecognizable.

That last piece of the viaduct

Construction at the ferry terminal

West Seattle

The Seattle skyline - It has been changing too.

Mount Rainier

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06/28 - To the Altair Bridge Again

We took another walk along the Elwha from Madison Falls south to the Altair Bridge. We actually went a bit past the bridge to take a look at the waterfall across the river. The roses are all gone, but the summer flowers have been coming in.

If you make it past the Altair bridge, watch for this little waterfall across the river. It is visible just a bit past the gate.

A waterfall closeup

Another closeup

Olympic Hot Springs Road where we turned around

Olympic Hot Springs Road towards the new branch of the Elwha

The Elwha below

Another Elwha view


Elderberry closeup

Fern forest

More fern forest

One of the summer flowers

Ocean spray

The detour

Tiger lilies

A butterfly

That butterfly again

That persistent butterfly

A bellflower

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06/26 - Hurricane Hill - Last Visit for a While

With the construction, Hurricane Hill is only open a few days this summer, but we managed to get up there one more time. We were pleased to see the lupines in bloom but a bit worried by the advanced state of the snow melt. Still, the flowers were beautiful. We are going to miss the corn lilies, but we could see them coming up. We are also going to miss the marmots, but they seem to be do fine without us. If we manage to synchronize our schedule and the construction schedule, we'll try for a visit later this summer, but it doesn't look promising.

An amazing sky

Two marmots

The same two marmots sparring

The Olympic Mountains

Another view of the mountains

Alpine flowers

That's the little seasonal lake in the background.

Field of corn lilies

One of the corn lilies

Another view, so very green

A view north and west

Soft skies

Blue and green

Another marmot amidst the dirty sock plant

A view through the trees

Avalanche lilies

We are sure we looked these up once.

A floral arrangement

Larkspur and wallflower - if your browser supports the SCENT tag you should smell the wallflowers.

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06/24 - Port Angeles Sunset

We had a dramatic sunset back at Kalebase in Port Angeles. Let's hope it's not smoke from forest fires.

Dramatic sunset

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06/22 - Little River Trail

We've been regulars on the Little River Trail. We've following spring into summer. The trail is more hidden as the deciduous trees have leafed out and the trilliums have vanished, replaced by Pacific dogwood.

The trail

Plant life

More plant life

The river

Another view of the river, hidden by green

A trillium gone to seed

A salmonberry

Pacific dogwood

Even more plant life

Another bit of trail

And yet another

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06/20 - Rialto Beach

We have been avoiding the West End because of the massive construction delays on 101 along Lake Crescent, but we finally decided to brave the gauntlet to get back to Rialto Beach. The delays were awful. The WSDOT web site said 30 minute delays, but we were stopped waiting well over half an hour on the way out and about 45 minutes on the way back. Then there was the additional time slowly following the pilot car at 8-10 miles an hour for the miles of road closed for repaving.

That's enough fuming. Rialto Beach was as beautiful as ever. The sand was soft, so the going was rough, but the beach was cool and refreshing. We made our way up to the hole in the wall, stopping along the way to check out the tide pools. There were a few anemones, but no starfish. It was great to get back, but the extra hour and a half travel time was wearing. We'll probably try again in the fall when the construction is over.


The beach

Rocks and sea stacks

A Pacific beach scene


Sea stack silhouette

The ocean

More coastal rocks

The sea stacks, but darker

Beach erosion

Forest and driftwood

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