The Kaleberg Journal - December 2018

12/01 - Rainy Day at Marymere Falls

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you have to like rain. We like rain, and one of the great things to do here on a rainy day is to go visit a waterfall like Marymere Falls on Lake Crescent. The forest is at its best in the gloom and damp, and Barnes Creek was roaring white with foam. The falls themselves were in full spate, even spraying the viewing platforms.

The forest

Almost Jurassic

Some running water

A view down at a side stream

Marymere Falls

Water under the bridge

White water

More white water in Barnes Creek

The forest again

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12/01 - Olympic Hot Springs Road Closed

Olympic Hot Springs Road is feeling the wrath of the unleashed Elwha River. This time, the road was closed just before the Madison Falls parking lot. We stopped at the road closed sign and watched men and machines at work digging dirt and moving big rocks in an attempt to rebuild the road. This year, 2018, seems to have been the year of "road closed", but we're hoping they'll have this small stretch repaired soon.

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The Kaleberg Journal - November 2018

11/18 - New York City - Part Eight

To be fair, these photos were taken at Newark Airport and on our flight west. The return flight is always so early that there is great dawn light for taking pictures of Newark's industrial scene. New Jersey is the heart and aorta of the region and rarely gets much love for it.

Airport and seaport (in the distance)

The seaport

Manhattan, where the money goes

Flying home, a last glimpse of Manhattan

Flying home, good bye New Jersey

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11/17 - New York City - Part Seven

Text of entry goes here

An appropriately titled truck

The High Line

The rail yards and a whole new neighborhood

More of the High Line - Note the reflections of windows on the building to the left.

Another building adorned with reflected window light

High Line garden

A Hudson River view

Another High Line View and some fall color

Street scene

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11/16 - New York City - Part Six

We made our way through Central Park to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Our goal was the Armenia exhibit. Nowadays one thinks of Armenia as being in the back of beyond, but it was a major part of the Silk Road linking central Asia and Europe. The Mongols conquered, but they left the Armenians in charge of the trade. It was the middle ages when the great churches and scriptoria were built with the wealthy patronizing the arts and literature. It was a fascinating exhibit with architectural artifacts, jewelry, ceramics and texts.

Central Park - dark trees

Hans Christian Anderson

There was a lot of fragrant witch hazel in bloom.

The toy boat lake in repose

Alice in Wonderland

It was always worth crawling under the mushroom ...

... to see the strange creatures there.

Armenian architectural piece

Armenian ceramic

A church model for display by its patron

Armenian jewelry

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11/15 - New York City - Part Five - Duck Hunt Success

We went back to Central Park and found that mandarin duck. He's quite impressive. No wonder so many people have turned out to look for him.

Found him!

That mandarin duck

Another view

Ducks in context

It was definitely worth trying again.

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11/14 - New York City - Part Four

We started our next day with a duck hunt, looking for that mandarin duck visiting Central Park. Then it was on to Grand Central Station, uptown a bit and then downtown to Momofuku Nishi, our first David Chang restaurant. We were quite impressed with the turbot, a wonderful fish, that usually turns up in novels set in ancient Rome. It was roasted in butter, carefully filleted and served with a host of sides that were barely necessary. Everything was wonderful. We had a vibrant wagyu beef carpaccio, two pasta dishes with perfectly cooked pasta and rich, flavorsome sauces, the turbot mentioned above an an delicious ahi tuna dish with nori and maitake mushrooms. We travel on our stomachs.

Central Park - duck hunt

No ducks yet

Autumn color, but still no ducks

A suspect

Maybe not a mandarin

More autumn color

Grand Central Station - The tilted image is an artistic statement trying to capture the bustling craziness of the place. Either that or carelessness.

The Upper East Side goes wild for autumn, but tastefully.

More Upper East Side

An old fashioned hot dog cart with not an LED sign to be seen

Momofuku Nishi

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11/13 - New York City - Part Three

We spent most of the day caught in traffic. We wound up at the Russian Tea Room. This isn't a premature Christmas shot. The Russian Tea Room always looks like that. The food was good enough, but the prices were definitely tourist trap. They have good tequila which was just what we needed after our long ride.

The Russian Tea Room

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