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Well, we've finally cleaned out the equivalent of our software socks drawer, which is full of lonely, unmatched mutants. There is no real unifying theme for these programs, except that they mainly run on the Macintosh (OS X), are written in RealBasic, and require some imagination to be construed as useful. Feel free to rummage around. Some of these crocks even may have PC versions, but we don't have a PC, so who knows?

Let us know if you find something useful.



This is a program to demonstrate the formula for parabola in vertex form. That's y = a * (x - h) ^ 2+ k. It's great if you are learning or teaching algebra. Just manipulate a, h and k with the sliders and watch the parabola change shape.

Download (Mac): (1.6MB)
Download (Win): (1.4MB)
More information: Parabolator Home Page


This is a program for building geometric constructions. It lets your expensive and highly sophisticated computer do nearly everything that Euclid could do thousands of years ago using a compass and straightedge. Of course, it one ups Euclid. Unlike working with a pencil and compass, you can move your free points and watch your construction change interactively.

Download (Mac): (3.6 MB)
Download (Win): (1.7 MB)
Download (Linux): (1.4MB)
More information: Constructomatic - A little program for doing geometric constructions.


This is an equation solving program. You enter a set of equations and the values for the variables you know. It figures out the ones you don't know. It includes an iterative solver which you invoke by giving it a guess value that is in the right range, and it takes it from there. This is rather experimental, and can be a real brain saver when doing design problems.

Download (Mac): (3.4MB)
Download (Win): (1.7MB)
Download (Linux): (1.9MB)
More information: Equato, an Equation Solver

Sunrise Sunset Logo

Sunrise Sunset

This is our Kaleberg surprise hit. Give it your latitude and longitude, some info about your time zone, and it cranks out an iCal calendar showing sunrise and sunset. That's it. It grew out of our TideCal and TideFinder software (see below), but it is surprisingly popular, where Kaleberg popular means dozens of downloads a year, and even a few notes from happy and less happy users.

Download: (3 MB)
More information: Sunrise Sunset - iCal sunrise and sunset calendars for your Mac

Kaleberg Concordance

Kaleberg Concordance is a simple program that does one thing moderately well. It reads in a text file and counts how many times each word was used. We wrote this because we were reading Nietzche's "Gay Science" and were wondering how often he used the word "nauseous". (Of course, he was writing in German, so this might have been the translator's choice of words, not Nietzche's.)

Download (Mac): Kaleberg Concordance (2.8 MB)
Download (Linux): Kaleberg Concordance (1.2 MB)
More information: Kaleberg Concordance - word use counting for your Mac


Gimme! is a hot key program for the Macintosh that lets you quickly and easily use search engines besides Google. Hit the hot key, usually F3, then just type in where you want to search and what you want to search for. Hit return and Gimme!, and your browser, and the web site in question, do all the work. The Gimme! program is freeware, simple and easy to install. It even comes with a handful of useful searches to give you some ideas.

Download: Gimme! Gimme! (3.2 MB)
More information: Gimme! - quick internet searching for your Mac

Volvelleteer Icon


Volvelles consist of two cardboard wheels with a common axle and are used for displaying one row of time from a table of data. The front wheel has slots for displaying the data which is printed in a rotary symmetric pattern on the rear wheel. The Volvelleteer program from Kaleberg Symbionts is Freeware for making volvelles. [Macintosh OS X, Classic and PC versions] [Requires Quicktime]

for Mac OS X (Last universal version for PPCs)
for Macintosh Classic
Planet Volvelle Example

TideCal and TideFinder

While there are many programs for producing tide tables, there do not seem to be any programs for finding a suitable tide. For example, if you want a low tide during the day for exploring Cape Alava or walking the Dungeness Spit, you have to wade through listings of high and low tides. Tide Finder program is based on FlaterCo's XTide 2.6 package, and provides a Mac OS X friendly user interface for specifying a tide search. You specify a tide reporting station, a range of dates, a desired range of times and the desired tides, high or low. It gives you a hit list, a calendar and a tide graph. [Macintosh OS X only]

Download: TideCal Tidecal (4.1 MB) or TideFinder (x MB)
More information: TideCal tide tables for your Mac

Cardiac - The Cardboard Computer


Nowadays they print computer circuits on silicon wafers, but did you know that they used to print them on cardboard? That's right. Bell Laboratories, back in the day, printed a computer on cardboard for teaching how computers worked. They still work like that but much faster. Kaleberg Laboratories, in our neverending competition with Bell Laboratories, has decided to offer a computerized version that lets you type in machine language programs and watch them execute, step by step. It's a great learning tool.

Download (Mac): Cardiac
Download (Windows):
Download (Linux):
More information: Cardiac - an animated computer for your Mac

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