Kaleberg Concordance

It does one thing moderately well. It counts the unique words in a text file and lets you sort by words or by the number of uses.

Other Kaleberg Software

This program is a simple concordance word count generator for the Macintosh. It doesn't do much, but what it does, it does fairly well. Use File > Open to specify the text file to read. It scans the file and produces a window containing a table of two columns: usage counts and words. Click on the head to sort by either.

To export your results, you can copy, which puts a series of comma separated lines into the clipboard. Alternately, export the results either as comma separated values (CSV) or simple text using one of the Export commands. There isn't much else.

Sound useful? Download Kaleberg Concordance now. It's all set for the Mac. Unzip it and fire it up. (Running Linux, try this version, though there is probably a C-Shell one liner that does this better and faster.)

This is another fine software product from Kaleberg Labs.

We have other useful software including a tide calculator for iCal, a tide finder, a volvelle maker, an equation solver and a slow motion Cardiac computer emulator.

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