Review of James Cook Cheese Co.

UPDATE - 1/29/04 The James Cook Cheese Company is closed. DeLaurentis is once again the sole choice for cheese lovers in town.

We kept meaning to get to the James Cook cheese store, but it always seemed a bit inconvenient, but now it has moved to 2421 2nd Avenue so we checked it out. It is simply the best cheese store in Seattle. The roquefort was stupendous - rich, ripe, bursting with bright flavors. The brin d'amour was creamy and runny without even a hint of ammonia. The chablis, a variant of Epoisse was perfect in texture and taste.

We barely sampled the goods, but they sell dairy goods besides cheese, including Devon cream and Normandy butter. We were also impressed with their small, but well chosen wine selection, and even more so with the staff. They knew their merchandise and they knew what we would like. We will be back!

Review: 22 September 2001

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