1435 First Avenue

206 622 0141

DeLaurenti is a Pike Place Market classic. They have an Italian name and, so have an excellent collection of Italian specialties. Their pastas come fresh and dried. They have prosciutto and parmesan and sun dried tomatoes, along with a host of cured olives.

They also have a fantastic array of French, Italian and American cheeses, black forest ham, oriental seasonings, crystalized violets, candied ginger, spicy sauces and salsas, canned artichoke bottoms, and a bakery full of fresh breads and rolls. You can find caviar and truffles, even fresh truffles in season, and they sell all kinds of flours. They recently upgraded their selection of cured meats, and offer goodies from Salumi in Seattle, Fra'Mani in Berkeley, as well Carnegie deli corned beef and pastrami. There staff is always well informed, and we always appreciate their advice.

If you've found something fresh or unusual at one of the Pike's Market stalls, this is where to come for everything else you'll need to prepare it. DeLaurenti in a word - comprehensive.

Review: 25 January 2001, Updated: 11 December 2006

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