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If you want really great Chinese food, you should head for Vancouver, or San Francisco, or New York, or perhaps China, if you have the inclination. However, if you are out on the North Olympic Peninsula you have to settle for really good Chinese food, which isn't bad, and it is much, much better than the bad Chinese food you can wind up with if you are not careful.

For really good Chinese food in Port Angeles, go to Dynasty. Maybe you can't get Peking duck, one of our favorite take out items, but you can go for the curried Shanghai noodles, the bean curd skin roll ups, the black bean squid, the prawns with candied walnuts, or the stupendous twice cooked enchanted pork belly. The work horse dishes - General Tso's chicken, moo shi pork, family style bean curd - are great. The food isn't greasy and bland. The flavors are bright and distinct, the ingredients well chosen and prepared, and the service comes with a smile.

We have no plans to visit China, but we gather that the Chinese take their food very seriously. It's nice to have a place right near by that takes its food seriously as well.

REVIEWED: 5 January 2005

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