Recipe for Pork w/Goan Spices

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The chef at Tabla often cooks with Goan spices. His food is Indian and Portuguese. This is not as weird as you think. There is a lot of Portuguese influence on Indian cooking. For example, chicken vindaloo, a spicy Indian restaurant staple was named from the Portuguese "vin aloo", wine and garlic.

Pork w/Goan Spices

Pork w/Goan Spices
(based on 11/10/03 New York Magazine recipe)

1 3" cinnamon stick
1/4 tsp pepper corns
3 cloves
1 tsp cumin seeds (or ground cumin)

1 large dried ancho chili
1 pasilla chili (or 1 roasted red or green bell pepper)
1/2 tsp turmeric
1 1.5" inch piece of fresh ginger
1 roasted green chili pepper (or 1 more roasted red or green bell pepper)
2 cups fresh chopped cilantro (1 cup will do in a pinch)
8 cloves garlic

5 tbsp dark rum
4 tbsp apple cider vinegar
2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp sugar

- Grind the spices in a mortar or spice mill - this may or may not include the dried chili.
- Add the next ground of ingredients and puree them in a blender or food processor.
- Add the rum, vinegar, salt & sugar.
- Use to coat 3-6 lbs pork. Also good w/eggplant, more roasted red peppers, shrimp, halibut.

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