Recipe for Pound Cake

Pork w/Goan Spices

Holiday - This is a holiday favorite

This is now a Christmas standard. It was originally an Edna Lewis summer dish, served with brandied peaches. Then, we started using it instead of sponge cake in our Christmas trifle. Then, we ditched the trifle, so we just serve this for Christmas.

Pound Cake

1 cup (1/2 pound) butter
1 2/3 cups sugar
1/4 tsp salt
5 eggs (large, but not jumbo)
2 cups flour
1 tbsp vanilla extract
juice of 1/2 lemon

Preheat oven to 350.
Cream the butter, then cream in the sugar and salt.
Add the eggs and beat together.
Mix in flour and flavorings.
Butter the bottom of a loaf pan and flour it.
Pour the batter into the loaf pan and bake at 350 for at least one hour, more likely an hour and a half.
If the cake starts getting too brown, lower the heat to 325.

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