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Lake Crescent is the largest, deepest lake in Olympic National Park. It is a glacial lake, and the water, an uneartly shade of blue, is pure enough to drink. It is the home of the unique Beardslee trout.

Spruce RR Trail is a fifteen minute walk from your door.

Log Cabin Resort is ten minutes on foot from your door.

You are a short drive from all of the attractions of the North Olympic Peninsula:
  • Hurricane Ridge
  • Sol Duc Hot Springs
  • Hoh Rain Forest
  • Pacific Beaches
Olympic National Park covers most of the Olympic Peninsula and is known for its scenic and ecological diversity. Within the same day you can ski in the mountains and surf the Pacific. Or you can hike through a World Heritage rainforest to the toe of a glacier. You can fish for salmon or startle (and be startled by) a herd of elk, right on the trail. The air is some of the cleanest left in the United States.

Lake Crescent Cottage is located in the northern part of the park, at the edge of the rainshadow of the Olympic Mountains, so it receives a good deal of sunshine. If you associate western Washington with constant rain. you will be disappointed. To find real rain, you have to head south or west toward Forks or Lake Quinault. Even then, you are likely to find dry sunny weather from mid-July to mid-October.
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