Yum Yum Dining Guide
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Here are a few highlights and notes.

The New Varsity - I've gotten sick twice from the pate; can still be a good deal [DCL-76].
Antonio's Nut House - Beer expensive, but all the free peanuts you want [DEA-76].
Yank Sing - They are still around, and still pretty good, after all these years. (So is Asia Garden).
Chez Panisse - Excellent, slightly non-standard [TOB-75]. (Seminal, too).
Flying Lady - Best Chateaubriand for two ever ($13.95). [QIB-76]
Yee Hong Guey - Yes, there really was such a place.
Deux Magots de Chine - If you ask for the "les formis qui montent l'arbre" they will probably figure out you're a friend of mine [BH-76].

This 1976 Yum Yum Dining Guide is from the Kaleberg Symbiont Archives.
If you know that something in this description is bogus, please send mail to the Kale.

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