The Art of Barbara Teufert - Miscellaneous Works

These are just a few miscellaneous Barbara Teufert items. In addition to ceramics, she also works with wood. Is that piece a snail? Or perhaps a whelk? Barbara finds all sorts of organic forms.

The ceramics also show her fantasy elements. The vase is crenelated, and the dragon actually works as an oil lamp.

Driftwood View 1

This is a found piece of driftwood, worked like a Chinese scholar's rock.

Driftwood View 2

Our area is rich in driftwood, so it is an excellent found medium.
Driftwood View 2

One is allowed to enhance features of a scholar's rock, but the features must be intrinsic to the found object.

Vase WIth Castle Tower

This is a vase in the form of a crenelated tower.
Dragon View 11

This little dragon is also an oil lamp.
Another Dragon View

Another view of the dragon.

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