1 Mission Street

415 543 6004

Boulevard is the ultimate neighborhood bistro. It serves wonderful Calfornia style food for both lunch and dinner with an emphasis on local and seasonal ingredients. It is an elegant restaurant in the manner of the Belle Epoque and is located just south of Market Street on the waterfront. They have a precision reservation system, so that if you have a 7:15PM reservation, you will be seated at that time, even on the busiest nights.

One of our favorite dishes which is always on the menu (even for lunch) is the grilled pork chop which is coated with delicious and deadly dioxins and nitrosamines on the outside and is juicy and succulent on the inside. The salads are excellent, especially the little Caesar salad, though they are not quite as good as those at Chez Panisse. Still, they have the most amazing heirloom tomatoes and heirloom beets - all oddball varieties you are more likely to find in a seed catalog than a restaurant.

Great Men's Room

Boulevard also has a great men's room which is well worth the side trip down the elevator. It is a playful collection of vintage pinups dating from the turn of the last century, when a woman had to clock in at least 150lbs, and into the 1930s, by which time the favored body type has changed rather dramatically. The 1920s, "sheik" fantasies with the marble hot tub are alone worth the price of admission.

UPDATE 2007 - We were back at Boulevard after quite an extended absence, and we have to say that the place is as good as ever. We loved the sea scallops with crisp pork belly and chervil. Pork belly may now be a cliche, but it is a wonderful cliche. Boulevard always has excellent pork, and the pork chops with brussels sprouts did not disappoint, but the hit was the squab thigh. It tasted like foie gras, and we haven't had a short rib beef terrine like theirs since Citrus, in Los Angeles, folded. Boulevard keeps up with the times, but it's still our home base in San Francisco.

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