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We've been to Txori, pronounced chori, several times now, and each time we've been delighted. Txori are little bites, basically tapas, from northern Spain, and Txori is open from 11AM to 1AM seven days a week, so it is a perfect place to stop in for a glass of wine and a bite to eat, large or small. The portions are generally small, but modestly priced, so we always get to try a lot of different dishes. We always go for the squid in its black ink, the chorizo sausage with chocolate shavings, and the morcilla blood sausage. The chorizo was oily and spicy, and served on a small slice of bread with unsweetened chocolate shavings to bring out the meaty, pork flavor. One time they had little cones stuffed with cream cheese and anchovies, another time it was roasted sardines, and yet another it was braised pork with roasted green pepper. The menu changes, but the flavor of northern Spain comes through.

We could go on and on describing the various little dishes we have tried and loved at Txori. They all look as good as the pictures on the web site, and they all taste as good, or even better, than they look. The wine list is Spanish, with some wonderful Riberas del Duero, and the staff can explain the wines for you so you can choose wisely. We've had big meals and small meals here, and we've never been disappointed. The service is warm and welcoming, so we think of Txori as our port in a storm.

Reviewed: 23 May 2008

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