The Spanish Table

1427 Western Avenue

206 682 2821

The Spanish Table is down near the foot of Pike's Place Market, on your way to the aquarium, and it is one of the best food stores in town. The specialty is food from Spain and this includes hams, sausages, cheeses, rices, saffron, candies, olives, anchovies and countless other goodies. They import a good number of artisanal Spanish and Portuguese cheeses. They also sell paella pans, cook books and aprons and other stuff, but the real action is the food. We load up on dry and smoke cured chorizos, manchego, idiazabol and anything else that looks good, and there is a lot of good looking stuff here.

If you aren't much of a cook, you can drop in and get yourself a sandwich or two. They are made from the same good things they sell as raw ingredients.

So, whether you want to branch out in your cooking, or just get a bite to eat, check out The Spanish Table.

UPDATE 12/2/06: The Spanish Table has moved across the street, and the entire store is all on one floor. They don't seem to be selling sandwiches anymore, but just about everything else is in the new space.

The Spanish Table InteriorAnother Photo of the Spanish Table

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