Review of The Powder Room

This is a wonderfully femmy store, which makes it a lot of fun to visit with a female friend. It is special fun if she is a normally sensible sort. Some women fall apart in the Sanrio Hello Kitty section at Fao Schwartz. Others go for it here. If she can't at least get in touch with her female side here, she probably can't get in touch with it anywhere.

The merchandise? They sell shapely dresses, maribou slippers, and oversized jewelry from the east that looks like something Mae West would have worn. They have hat boxes and fripperies. They are definitely loaded with fripperies. Was it Coco Chanel who said, "Wear any jewelry you want, as long as it is junk"?

While you are locked out of the fitting room, check out the Vargas postcards. These are wonderfully airbrushed images from back in the old days, when heterosexual men still liked their women to look like women.

Mind you, this isn't the place to buy that new suit for your next career move, but some of the stuff is just charming.s

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