La Mexicana

<>La Mexicana


1914 Pike Street in Pike's Market

206 441 1147

We were walking around Pike's Market and talking about tortillas. While Seattle is showing more signs of Mexican influence, there are not all that many really good Mexican restaurants, and we sure didn't know of any really good tortilla joints. Sometimes we make our own tortillas, but we've never had much luck cranking out corn tortillas. What we want is someone with tortillas as good as Rosa Mexicano in New York, but here in Seattle.

Just then, our noses lit up. We were smelling corn tortillas, and the odor was coming from one of the little Mexican shops right near by. They had fat tortillas and thin ones, and corn ones and flour ones. Well, the corn tortillas we bought were excellent. We were quite impressed. Seattle bills itself as a Pacific Rim sort of place, and Mexico makes an extensive appearance along the Pacific Rim. It seems that Seattle is slowly filling in the Rim of Fire jigsaw puzzle, and we are the beneficiaries.

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