Review of Iron Design Center

If you ever for a moment start doubting the revolutionary impact of the iron age, this is a store you most certainly should visit if you are ever down on Yesler Way in the Pioneer Square area. The shop is full of iron - black, heavy iron, light, flying iron, bright, steely iron, twisty, warped iron - and it is all fashioned in a variety of artworks, ranging from the practical, like iron lawn benches, to the fantastic, iron warriors and mutant flying birds. There are flowers of iron, tables and chairs, and a host of forms that offer its broad range of possibilities.

The place is chock-a-block with statues and figures and the walls covered with iron works. Even if you can't afford to buy, or just don't have the room, a few minutes here will help you shake iron's prosaic image.

Check them out at 83 Yesler Way. Call 800 971 IRON or check for more info.

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