Sabor de Mexico


Sabor de Mexico

118 N Lincoln St
(360) 417-6755

Reviewed: 28 February 2008

UPDATE: Sabor de Mexico is closed.
It closed in the Fall of 2008.



It is easy to find bad Mexican food with cardboard tortillas, underseasoned meats and greasy globs of bland cheese, so we were pleased to find some good Mexican food right in our own backyard. It isn't impossible to get good Mexican food on the North Olympic Peninsula. The tamales sold at Nash Huber's farm stand are excellent, but it is nice to have an informal restaurant with good tortillas, well spiced fillings and an interesting, nicely varied menu right in downtown Port Angeles.

If you click on the picture of Sabor's menu below, you'll see that they offer some variety. We've only tried a few dishes so far, including the carne asada with its rich chile spicing and the taquitos, also stuffed with pork, well spiced with oregano and garlic. So far, we've been pretty impressed. There is nothing bland or greasy here, just good clear flavors and well prepared meats and tortillas.

Sabor de Mexico is a definite go. We'll update this page when we've done some more extensive tasting.

Sabor de Mexico MenuSabor de Mexico

Sabor de MexicoSabor de Mexico

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