Port Angeles Fine Arts Center

1203 Lauridsen Boulevard
Port Angeles, WA
(360) 457-3532

The Port Angeles Fine Arts Center is an unusual exhibition space. There is a small indoors gallery, but the bulk of the exhibition is on display in a Northwestern temperate rain forest. This sounds weird. If you want to see a forest, there is the perfectly good Olympic National Park right nearby, but as a venue for exploring the way we see, it works.

When you walk through the woods you look at things a certain way. In the Northwest there are tall trees, green ferns, branching salal and a great green undergrowth. The tones are brown and green, and the sunlight is filtered. One is used to finding little details - mushrooms, trilium flowers, slugs, salamanders, maybe a deer or mountain beaver. Here the artists get to play with your expectations, and some of the works - wood sculptures, hanging canoes, spider webs, crushed glass, colored windows, gateways, cairns, and other fascinating forms - are set into this sylvan background. There is a confusion of the man made and natural.

There is also a great view of Port Angeles harbor, Victoria, the San Juan Islands and beyond. The Fine Arts Center is a great place to drop by with children. Just finding the art works is a pleasant challenge, and there is a stone labyrinth for them to follow in one of the fields. Even on a rainy day the center is a neat place to visit.

For more information, check out the official Port Angeles Fine Arts Center web site.

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The Farmstand  Farm Fields


The Irrigation Stream  
The view of Port Angeles Harbor


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