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UPDATE - 13 June 2006 - Anime House has closed! Not only that, but the performance space next door has closed as well, but at least it has been replaced by a revived Retroville.

One of the essentials of modern life is access to comic books.

Well, maybe it's not a necessity, but ever since they stopped selling comic books at drugstores and supermarkets, it has been nice to have a local comic book outlet. We had been going to Zanadu in Seattle for our comic fix, but then the comic book store in Silverdale closed. Then Anime House opened, right in town. This was cause and effect. According to the owner, Anime House was opened in response to the Silverdale closure, and it saves us a three hour round trip drive.

Anime House is primarily devoted to anime, Japanese animation, and manga, Japanese comics, but they also stock a fairly good line of American comics, including most of the Marvel and DC titles. They also have the usual round of collectibles, but we come for the comic books.

The shop also has a gaming table, for various card based wizards and warriors type games. It's fascinating to watch. When we were children, the old men played pinochle using a really weird deck of cards. Watching these high school kids, and recent graduates, playing these games gave us a glimpse of the future, a future we probably will not live to see. In fifty or sixty years, we can imagine the old guys in the playground reminiscing about the next war after the Iraq War and playing some kind of wizards and warriors game with a weird deck of cards while their grandchildren look on befuddled.

Come see the future, and read some comics while your waiting for it.

REVIEWED: 5 January 2005

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