Long Peppers

An Old Fashioned Spice

Long peppers are one of the spices that have fallen from fashion over the centuries. According to Andrew Dalby's rather dry, but comprehensive, book Dangerous Tastes, they have been known from ancient times and are native to north-eastern India. They were exported to ancient Greece, ancient Rome, and ancient China. In fact, they were popular in Europe into the 16th century when new world peppers, chilis and paprikas, took over the market.

The ones shown on the right were purchased at Kalustyan's in New York City, though we have found them at Uwajimaya in Seattle as well. They are not particularly expensive, and they do taste peppery. They also have a slightly sweet, sort of cinnamon-like, taste that goes well with pork and other oily meats. They may even work with certain types of white meat fish.

Don't expect to find long peppers in every store soon. Still, they seem worth experimenting with.

Long Peppers

Long peppers are about a half inch to an inch  (1 - 2 cm) long.

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