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We should probably have considered ourselves warned when one guidebook referred to the Pink Pearl as a great place for college students to fill up. While college students are not completely averse to good food, they have a much higher tolerance than many for mediocre food. This is not to say that the food at the Pink Pearl was mediocre. It was actually fairly good, but it tended towards the overly hearty, rich with fat and starch, often at the expense of flavor.

We ordered from the "gourmet menu" for the most part, and we sampled some of the goodies on the carts. We had some of the biggest har gow we had ever eaten. The foon, fat noodles, were hearty, almost too hearty. None the less, we went to town and tried the shrimp toast, the shrimp balls, the fried squid, the fried noodles and the fried stuffed egg plant. We really couldn't eat everything we ordered. Everything was good, good enough and filling.

We did enjoy our Chinese broccoli, if only for the contrast with the rest of the meal.

The joint was jumping, full of of large family groups. We could imagine the place full of college kids later in the day loading up and stretching their scholarship dollars on a serious blow out. They could do worse, but we knew we could do much better.

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