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As you are probably aware, the Food Lion supermarket chain recently won a major victory in defense of American's right to buy spoiled food. Unlike Sinclair Lewis, who went under cover and exposed the horrors of the turn of the century (the last one) meat packing industry and got away with it scot free using the defense of truth against charges of libel, ABC was recently ordered to pay serious punitive damages to Food Lion for going under cover and revealing their nefarious practices. This was a resounding victory for the American public. (Dr. Kevorkian take note). The Food Lion case is yet another victorious battle in the war to market tainted and contaminated food products. The public will be served.

There has been a great deal of coverage of this case but little outrage outside of elite media circles. After all, who says Americans care if their food is bad? In fact, the public trend may be moving precisely in the opposite direction. While the nattering nabobs of nutritionism may be buying their groceries at "organic" supermarkets, real Americans, Americans who care about their country and their families, are shopping at Food Tiger. Unlike Food Lion which merely pleads "no comment" to charges of selling spoiled meat and rotted vegetables, Food Tiger uses rot and spoilage as important selling points in their appeal to the concerned consumer.

So, if you really care about what you and your family eat, pass by the sign of the lion and run your groceries through the friendly scanners at Food Tiger.

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